Visiting Andy Adventure

Mike and I had been living at my house in Garden Valley (North of Sacramento) and we wanted a break from all the stupid nature and poop eating dogs, so we road tripped to Andy's for a little arts and crafts with his mom. After the 5 hour drive we were rewarded with a plate of oatmeal M&M cookies which his mom had lovingly made for us. The next morning, we got some batteries for the camera and headed into hicktown CA, I mean, Templeton.

Here we are in the lovely town of Templeton You can see the old cow grinder plant on the left, or whatever the hell it is.


Here's where all the meat ends up, at Hoover's Beef Palace. That's right, Beef Palace. Notice the trucks everywhere.

Inside we see an entire wall of idolized ranchers, each with their pristine white cowboy hat.
Above the counter sits all the brands for the cattle, dang them irons are hot on those cow bottoms.

We were considering having Mark's mean and meaty omelet, which is the most expensive item on the breakfast menu, but with the dozens of tacos going out of the kitchen, we had to go for the lunch special: ALL YOU CAN EAT TACOS FOR $5.79. We ate 18 of those delicious homemade tacos, which were at least worth two or three regular fast food tacos. After the meal, we left for the school where ANDY'S MOM works for a little arts and crafts.

Here we are in Andy's Mom's classroom, ready to get started on our surprise craft adventure.
Mike tries to eat a few crayons before Andy's Mom catches him, but she set him in his place.

A little in-class shenanigans.

Next, we find out what we are going to be making on this fine morning...

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