Visiting Andy Adventure (continued)

Here's a short tutorial on how to create your own badical puppets.

Purpose: Make hand puppets from construction paper.

Materials: Construction Paper, Glue, Safety Scissors, Pens / Pencils

1. Cut out a body template from construction paper while leaving a little tab at the top neck area to attach the head. (If you want, you can fold the paper hot dog style and then you only have to make one side and cut it out).
2. Create a cootie catcher for the head, glue two sides together, then round the corners where the chin will be. You can leave the points on the top of the head to attach hair if you'd like.
3. Attach it to the body by cutting a slit down the neck tab and gluing to the underside of the chin.
4. Clothe and decorate the face of your puppet. Be creative and have fun.

Data and Waveforms:

Now you can make your own badical puppet and send in the pictures to Rock on.

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