Punch Casey in the Kidneys: The Game

By Andy... DRUnk!!!!!


Ok, readers, it's time to learn about the exciting game of punching Casey in the kidneys. This game is best played drunk; in honor of that, I'm writing this while drunk. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Anyhow, onto the game.



This game is best when Casey has provoked you in some way. It gives the punching all that much more meaning. Say, for example, you're enjoying your favorite internet-webpage, when suddenly a rather rude message pops up on AIM. This is reason enough to begin playing the game.

Here I am enjoying an internet-webpage of my liking, when suddenly an Instant Messenger Window appears!!! What could it be? It incites my rage.

Here is a close-up of teh screen and offending message. It is rude and disruptive!!!!

On to STEP 2!!!!!!!!!