the only way we can express our hatred for each other is through the near-lost, romantic art of poetry

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a whale and bird bred
though the egg was enormous
it scrambled nicely

I woke one morning
my hair formed a mohawk
or something like in Grease

shivering kitty
the frigidness is unfair
enter my parlor

animal crackers
sitting calmly, watching me
they are for vegans

sometimes it is hard
my intent was to be wise
now, I speak of wang

- mike -


Space Man - by Casey

Space man
Flying into destiny
Ray gun in hand
He fights for justice
He fights for honor
The mooninites will die

Butterflies - by Mike

They are my little butterflies.

i am a pissy Artist - by Andy

Casey and Mike
Are fucking slackers.
I want to write a poem
They will not help in any way.
So here i sit
Full of rage
and without a poem
because they're gay.
Word to all y'all's muthaz.

File file file,
That's all I ever do.
File file file,
It makes me hate all you.

Down down down,
Our server makes me hate.
Down down down,
Our school is second rate.

Lame lame lame,
God damn I hate this poem,
Lame lame lame,
What the hell rhymes with poem?

- casey -

I feel like a pile of crap,
and by the way, I really hate rap,
my life sure sucks ass
I hate andy bast
And I have lots of spite on tap.

- casey -

- Beer -
Beer sucks my left nut
It doesn't taste good
It doesn't get you drunk quickly
It doesn't burn on the way down
It doesn't have a minty aftertaste
It doesn't come in plastic jugs
But it does make you piss a lot.
A lot.

- casey -

- Girls -
I hate them
And their oh so soft skin
The way they walk
Hips swaying as their ass rubs the pants in just the right way
The tight shirts showing just enough cleavage
Lips full and wet
eyes that look right inside
bitch whores

- casey -

- Wanking -

Life is hard
That's how it is
There's one thing to count on
And that is this:
I walk into my room
pull up a chair
watch a bit of porno
The images take me there
Soon it's feeling stiff
I'm like a dog in heat
Unzip my bluejean pants
This is really neat
Up and down, down and up
Grab those nuts
And feel them up
up and down down and up.
It won't be too long now
The one thing I live for
I feel it coming soon
As I watch this filthy whore
Taking it in the mouth
It makes my life complete
I lean my head straight back
And reach for another sheet
of Kleenex; it's what I want
It's what I need. It's the only thing
That matters.
And as a thousand unborn babies
Get thrown into the trash
I reflect and grin
Maybe life isn't so bad.

- Andy -

haiku poems are nice
they are so very pretty
andy is a whore

- casey -



- mike -

- Slave to the Script Kiddie -

j00 #4v3 833n 0wn3d
j00 4r3 4 f4gg0t
j00 #4v3 833n 0wn3d
j00 d0 n0t #4v3 t3h l33t 5k1LLz
j00 4r3 4n 455#0le
I am empty on the inside because of you.

- mike -

- Kidneys -
- by Andy -

How much do I hate you guys?
Let me count the ways.
There are 49 of them.
Fuck you Casey.
Fuck you Mike.
You have crushed my soul,
Driven me beyond madness.
As I stand beneath the starry night
I cry out in pain
My agony echoing for a thousand years
All in one instant.
I am going to punch you in the kidney
But you have nobody to blame but yourself
For you are responsible
For the monster that I have become.

The puppy is cute.
Still, I find myself asking
What dog brains taste like.

- Andy -