Casey: what are we reviewing
Mike: ELEC
Andy: :0
Mike: :-Q
Mike: 3sad
Andy: 0_0
Casey: haha, didn't benjamin franklin invent electricity?
Casey: :-(
Andy: No dood
Casey: i am sorry
Mike: I think it's one of those things that's always been here
Mike: like dinosaurs
Casey: if you had tazors you could electricute them
Andy: Everybody knows jesus invented it
Mike: no
Mike: Jesus invented Benjamin Franklin
Andy: in 1492
Mike: Benjamin Franklin invented dinosaurs
Andy: jesus made electricity
Andy: yeah
Mike: dinosaurs invented electricity
Andy: Benjamin Frnaklin rocks my socks
Mike: with electricity?
Casey: yes, i forgot about the dinasour part
Andy: They would keep my feet warm.
Andy: I'm so inventing that.
Mike: unless Jesus gets to that first too
Casey: would they just electricute you the whole time
Andy: I would take a bath in them
Andy: It would be superfun.
Mike: bathe wearing the socks or in the socks themselves?
Casey: make them so they can run off of the wall outlet as well
Andy: Yes on all three counts.
Andy: So, what's good about electricity?
Mike: it's shiny
Andy: ...
Mike: =^.^=
Andy: I guess Nintendo is good. Without electricity there wouldn't be Nintendo
Casey: yeah
Casey: that would be sad
Casey: i like nintentdo
Mike: I've never noticed how well the word Nintendo flows
Mike: it's important because of that alone
Mike: there aren't enough good Japanese words
Andy: Remember Nintendo cereal?
Mike: I mean... kawaii... bukkake... Nintendo
Mike: that's it
Andy: I bet they needed electricity to make that.
Mike: cereal made out of Nintendos?
Casey: yes
Casey: and marshmallowsss
Mike: electric marshmellows, one would only hope
Andy: I want to make those.
Andy: They could shoot lasers.
Mike: Ghost Busters did it
Andy: Yeah
Casey: damn it andy, you want to make everything
Andy: Ghost Busters cereal was rad to the max.
Andy: I'll make your mom!!!!
Casey: look who's Mr. Business Major
Andy: That's right.
Mike: not u roroflele
Andy: That way I can make things
Casey: because i am going to be an electrical engineer
Andy: This isn't about you, Casey
Mike: yeah, but while you're making engines or whatever, Andy will be making marshmellows
Mike: you so lose
Casey: i would not have a major without electricity
Andy: You would still be a hippy living in a cabin somewhere
Casey: and therefore be a hippy like my parents
Casey: yes
Andy: You would be like Thoreau
Casey: no
Mike: only without people liking you
Casey: i hate that guy
Andy: Only without as many beans
Casey: i wish he was struck by lightening
Andy: Dude, Thoreau is probably your grandpa
Casey: no way dude
Mike: electricity is too cool to kill Thoreau
Mike: wait
Mike: if electricity killed Thoreau, then Casey wouldn't be born
Mike: electricity sucks
Casey: yeah, dick
Andy: You know what I would do if there was no electricity?
Mike: not masturbate to internet porn?
Casey: haha
Casey: i was so going to say that
Andy: I'd be like Samurai Jack.
Mike: oh... my
Mike: that's it
Casey: yeah, except without the cool samurai part
Andy: Except I'd hit hippies with my sword
Mike: we're petitioning this energy conservation nonsense
Mike: electricity is bringing all of our lives
Mike: bringing them all down, rather
Andy: If there wasn't electricity I'd become a master swordsman instead of spending all my time on stupid computer stuff
Andy: yeah
Andy: I'd probably have a girlfriend if it wasn't for electricity.
Andy: I'd probably be MARRIED if it weren't for electricity
Casey: i probably wouldn't have a girlfriend without electricity
Andy: Yeah
Mike: yeah, but then you get a girlfriend and you'd just wish you had electricity
Andy: I would be busy foraging and shit like that
Casey: then you'd be my parents
Andy: I guess I could go back to work at the lake
Andy: That would be ok.
Casey: no one would go to the lake
Casey: there would be no job there
Andy: Yeah they would
Casey: not without electricity
Andy: You don't need electricity to go fishing
Casey: but you need it to get there
Andy: Dude, cars use gas, not electricity
Casey: cars wouldn't work now without electricity
Andy: You don't know anything about cars, Casey
Mike: car batteries ruin everything
Andy: Yeah
Andy: They would run 40 times better without batteries
Casey: im sorry andy, i don't know about cars
Mike: just replace those with hamster wheels or sweat shops
Andy: It's science, pure and simple
Andy: Besides, people would ride horses and stuff
Casey: 3 hamster wheels = 1 AAA battery
Andy: One A for every hamster
Casey: yes
Casey: because hamsters are swell
Andy: So I would be happily married, working at the lake, and supporting my family right now if electricity had never been invented
Andy: Casey would be a dirty hippy
Andy: What would you do, Mike?
Mike: suxx0r, most likely
Andy: ^_^
Mike: hmm
Mike: without electricity, this review wouldn't take place
Casey: we would not have a website either
Andy: Yeah
Mike: reminds me of that whole freedom to burn flags nonsense
Casey: and badical extreme as we know it would not exists
Andy: It would be a lot less work
Andy: You can't burn flags without electricity
Casey: however, on the upside, you two wouldn't know me
Andy: Aww.
Andy: :-*
Casey: :-*
Andy: stfu fag
Mike: omg
Mike: f this REVIEW
Mike: C U KTHX
Mike has left the room.
Casey: so, electricity

Andy: Electricity gets 11
Andy: kthx bye
Casey: good call
Andy has left the room.
Casey: man, i hate those guys.