The Meaning of Life
-by Andy

Once upon a time there was a man by the name of Steven. Steven was a telemarketer who bothered people on the phone. He was very good at his job. One day he was going through his list of phone numbers, and came across the name "Master Zang Ji Shwian of the Zen Temple". Steven dialed the number and said "Hello, is this Master Zang Ji Shwian of the Zen Temple?" The man who answered replied "yes, it is." Steven offered to switch Master Zang's long distance service, with no setup charge! Master Zang replied "I'm sorry, that sounds very interesting, but I'm afraid I don't have one." Steven was perplexed. "One what?" he asked. "A telephone," replied Master Zang Ji Shwian, and hung up the phone.
And moments before the meteor hit Steven's house, he was enlightened.