Spacemen vs. Mooninites:

a brief history

As long as there has been space, there have been those men who sought to conquer it. Modern day explorers, brave warriors of a new generation. These Spacemen embody truth, justice, and the American way. They are Earth's last line of defense against the Mooninite menace.

The Mooninites. Evil, viscious, communist bastards from the moon. They seek to destroy the Spacemen and conquer the Earth. They control deadly Space Robots and legions of Moon Warriors. Their favorite singer is Celine Dion and their favorite food is Earth Baby.


Playing the Game

First, you will need to split up into two teams: Space Men and Mooninites. You will need at least two people on each team. For demonstration purposes, we have gone with a simple two on two matchup. You can play with more people, if you like, but you'll need to have more friends then we do.

"We're coming for you, Moon Dicks.

Team one: Spacemen

For each Spaceman you will need the following equipment: a white trash bag, one set of Laser Tag or Laser Challenge equipment (gun and vest) and a plastic bag that fits over your head, preferably with some sort of drawstring. Feel free to accessorize. Note our cool Space Backpacks. Also, we are each wearing different colored shorts over our pants to denote our rank: Andy is Gold Leader, and Casey is Black Leader.

"HYARHAR! Bring it, Space Dicks!"

Team two: Mooninites

There are two kinds of Mooninites: Mooninite Robots and the Mooninite King. Mooninites wear black trash bags. The Mooninite King has Laser Challenge equipment like the Spacemen do, but the Robot does not. The Robot needs only his Super Sock'em Boppers, or boxing gloves if unavailable. The Mooninite King also has the Robot Remote, which he uses to control the Robot. Again, embelishments on the costumes are encouraged (3D glasses, etc.).

"Time to suit up, Black Leader!" "Roger that, good Space Buddy!"


On to the rules!