Rules of Engagement

The object of the game is to shoot lasers and run around like fools. Here are some more specific rules:

The Spacemen must designate a specific area to be the Launch Pad. Mark it with a cone or boundaries or something. The Launch Pad is the only place Spacemen can take off their helmets. If they take their helmets off anywhere else, they breathe deadly Space Air and die. While the Spacemen are in the Launch Pad they can still be shot with lasers and attacked by the robot, so be careful!


Space Robots are immune to lasers. They have an invisible blue force field.


Robots cannot be shot, but they also cannot shoot anybody. All they do is run around and beat up Spacemen with their huge, inflatable hands.


Whoever controls the Robot Remote controls the Robot. The Mooninite King starts with the Robot Remote, but if the Space Men capture it, they can turn the Robot against its master!


Winning the Game:

Spacemen: In order for the Spacemen to win the game, they have to defeat the Mooninite King. Laser Challenge equipment counts somebody as being "dead" after something like 10 hits. If you score the final hit on the Mooninite King, Spacemen win.

Mooninites: In order for the Mooninites to win, both Spacemen have to die. Spacemen die in one of two ways: If they take their helmet off outside the Launch Pad area, they breathe Space Air and die. If they get shot enough times, they die as well.



In order to better illustrate gameplay, we will show three different scenarios that can occur. Enjoy!

Scenario One: Gold Leader is injured! Launch Pad rules illustrated!

Scenario Two: The dangers of space become clear!

Scenario Three: Epic battle! Laser Death Extravaganza!

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