The Del Macho Challenge

Narration by Andy, pictures taken by Kenny.


Friday, November 30, 2001: A day that will go down in history. It had started like any other; I had slept in, while Casey and Mike went to class. When they returned, we all went to lunch. Afterwards, Casey and Mike started playing Halo, determined to beat it on Legendary difficulty. While I went about the day's business, they continued playing. I would check in on them, periodically, to find that their quest had not ceased. In all, they played Halo for 11 hours straight, finally beating the game around 12:30 AM. As we all celebrated their accomplishment, Casey, in his elation, declared that he was ready to try something we had talked about for a long time: The Del Macho Challenge.

About the Del Macho Challenge: Conceived by Team Badical Extreme several months ago, the rules of the Del Macho Challenge are simple: the contestant must consume 0.055 1/2 pound bean and cheese burritos from Del Taco per body pound in one sitting. For example, since Casey is a 150 pound weakling, he must consume 8 (count 'em, EIGHT) of the said burritos. Each burrito is 8 ounces of beans, cheese, tortilla, and delicious green sauce. Basic math tells us that Casey, if successful, would be consuming 4 pounds of Del Taco goodness.

The Stakes: If Casey manages to choke down all eight burritos, I pay for them. Also, we will all refer to him as "Master Chief" for the rest of the semester. However, if Casey does not manage to eat all the burritos, he must pay the whopping eight dollar price tag. As an added bonus, he will live the rest of his life in shame, knowing that he has faced a true test of his manhood... and failed horribly.

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