As Casey gets started on burrito number five, Andy helpfully offers up a packet of Del Scorcho sauce. Casey loves Del Scorcho sauce.


"So, you see, we've got the Xbox on the left, the Gamecube on the right, and the PS2 in the middle. Xbox has, possibly the best graphics, plus it's got Halo... but that's about it. The PS2 is the least powerful, but it has lots of cool games, like GTA 3 and MGS 2. The Gamecube has really cool graphics, but right now it only has a handful of good games. And then you've got the Xbox, which has Halo, which is possibly the best FPS ever. And then you've got the PS2, which, the graphics aren't so good, but it has lots of really good games... is anybody listening to me?"

Casey continues his quest, chewing with spirit and determination. Dear God that's a lot of beans and cheese.

Ah, but there are still three more to go... what will happen next?!?!??!?!?!?!

Find out!

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