Andy: "HAHAHA you know that if you don't finish, your life will have amounted to nothing"

Casey: "HAHAHA yes I know."

"What the hell was I thinking?"

Maggie: "Come on, Casey, eat the burrito! You're so close!"

Casey: "Get the fuck away from me."

Andy: "Listen to me, you filthy maggot. This is your one chance. This is your shot at redemption. Your entire life up until this point has been one big god damn failure and this is your ONE SHOT to turn it around. So you take that burrito and you cram it down whatever it takes. Because if you don't, you'll regret it until the day you die. Damnit, I am the only person that has EVER done anything for you, so don't you even think of quitting on me now. Your parents? They don't care. Your friends? They don't like you. I'm giving you a chance to make something of yourself, you son of a bitch, so you keep eating. KEEP EATING, DAMN YOU!!!!!"

Casey: "blagghhaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhh."

The startling end to it all!

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